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"We Are One"

It’s funny how we got united by this simple slogan. But it’s more even funnier when I say that it’s ironic that we, fans, had been completely divided after the booming situation.

Some people still have their hopes high, hoping that Kris hasn’t left Exo yet.  Sehun’s ig username are the only hopes their clinging to. They’re are already in despair alright. But knowing that there’s no confirmation of his departure made them think that there’s still hope.

And the other fans are saying that Kris had really left. And I’m one of these fans who is believing this shit.

You know why?

"It’s his choice." That was what Greg Hwang had stated. But what choice? It’s clearly not staying alright? Plus he was saying that 11 left behind while one had walked away meant that Kris had officially left, right?

But that’s not more.

Let’s not be selfish and let Kris decide on his own.

If he wants to leave, let him leave.

You can’t just force him to stay just because EXO needs to be OT12.

Let’s think of Kris here.

If he wants to leave simply because of family matters, group conflicts, company coercion, or even health problems, let him pick up his bags and let him fucking leave whatever the reason might be because it is his fucking decision.

We did say that we support him. RIGHT?

Support his choice. Support his decision whether he stays or retires.

You did support him. We did support him.

If you’re still thinking that SM hasn’t confirm anything or Kris hasn’t leave a message about this decision, seriously guys, are you just so fucking blind?

You think SM’s, EXO’s and Kris’ silence change anything about him staying with the group?

If Kris would stay, he should’ve said so.

But if he leaves, there’s a possibility he wouldn’t utter a word.

You should probably know the reason.

He just can’t simply say, “sorry guys i left exo.”

Or do you wan’t to hear him say that if you still want some fucking confirmation?

Haha, NO right?

I’m tired of some of you guys being blind. Just wake up and face reality. If you think you support him, you should’ve expected this outcome.

SM made the slogan, “We Are One.” It’s the company who made it, not EXO.

And we should accept what’s happening. Even if you guys are still on denial, that’s okay. I’m sure you would slowly accept and move on.

We lost this fight but I’m going to make sure that this won’t be the end of everything.

I’m probably sure Kris would go back to being Wu Yi Fan successfully with another career.


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